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Reclosure – convenient while reducing product waste

Smart reclose features of a packaging solution allows the consumer or user to reseal or reclose the packaging and have the content safely stored in-between uses. Often, packaging needs to be resealed in order to maintain product freshness or prevent spillage. Reclosable packaging also enables multiple uses which can help reduce waste. 

Convenience is more or less taken for granted when developing new packaging alternatives to make sure they attract consumers to purchase that specific brand again and again. The end-user looks for easy to use solutions and the easy-opening and reclosability functions should ideally be intuitive.

AR Packaging offers different types of reclosure mechanisms or functionality which are customised based on specific needs. These can be made tamper evident if required.

Examples of different reclosure options are: 

Reclosable packaging adds value to any type of products where not all content is used or consumed at once, such confectionery, cheese, processed meat, powder mixes and healthcare products. 

Product card Silmussalaatti

Case | 2019.06.20


Avoiding unnecessary plastic while keeping the fresh appeal of the product makes this folding...

Product card Blå Band Expedition meal - convenient pack in the toughest of situations

Case | 2015.08.11

Blå Band Expedition meal

Convenient pack in the toughest of situations

Product card Skånemejerier first on the market with AR Packaging Flexibles reclosable concept

Case | 2015.08.02


Skånemejerier first on the market with AR Packaging Flexibles reclosable concept

Product card Curodont



This feature is extraordinary and phenomenal. Take a look at if if you like.

Product card KitKat Senses

Innovation | 2018.08.14

KitKat Senses

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Product card Pandora box childproof packaging


Pandora box childproof packaging

The Pandora box is a one-piece, childproof packaging for nicotine chewing gums with barrier function

Product card Flexible materials for packaging


Flexible materials

Flexible packaging solutions made of flexible barrier materials provide resource and cost efficient ways to preserve, protect and distribute sensitive products