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Renewable plastics - towards a fossil free future 

At AR Packaging we have a clear aim to actively contribute to a sustainable future. We have a clear target to increase the usage of renewable raw materials – also the more complex packaging products where paper and cartonboard cannot do the whole job by themselves.  

Plastics is an important part of packaging for sensitive products in order to keep them safe and fresh. Lowering that barrier protection would mean risk of increasing food waste or endangering consumers’ health. In some cases packaging need to have a plastic layer to assure product quality all the way to the consumer.  

Renewable plastics as PE and PP are identical to the fossil based materials when it comes to chemical structure and performance. Therefore, they are recyclable and provide the needed packaging functions. The only difference being that they are not produced out of crude oil but rather from a plant based carbon source, e.g. sugarcane, tall oil or vegetable oil from food industry.  

Changing to a renewable plastic material not only reduces usage of fossil resources but also lowers packaging related carbon emissions. Every single step to minimise the environmental impact of packaging is one step towards a more sustainable tomorrow.  
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Product card Santa Maria Tortilla

News | 2019.08.08

Santa Maria Tortilla

Santa Maria tortillas save plastics with new packaging from AR Packaging Flexibles