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Tamper evidence - packaging providing proof

Tamper-evident packaging provides visible evidence to the end user that the product has not been tampered with. For pharmaceuticals, tamper-evident packaging is a requirement, while for other products it offers security throughout the supply chain and to the consumer.

Tamper evidence combines the regulatory demand for a secure medication by means of versatile structural design. 

In order to get the pharmaceutical product in line with current regulation (e.g. EU directive 2011/62/EU) AR Packaging offers a wide range of tamper evident closure packaging. For the flexible packaging we offer easy peel solutions with colour change when opened the first time. 

Tamper evident solutions are required for pharmaceuticals, but also offer extra consumer security for medical devices, beauty & cosmetics, tobacco as well as for high value food and consumer goods. 
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Medical papers

Medical devices play a crucial role in the treatment of diseases as well as improving the quality of life for people suffering from disabilities

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