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TrayLite® - The sustainable alternative to high barrier plastic trays

To meet the move to packaging with less plastics while not sacrificing product protection, AR Packaging introduce TrayLite®, which is designed for high barrier MAP applications, is a tray with tomorrow’s world in mind by reducing plastic dramatically with 85%. We continue to develop and supply the market with more sustainable alternatives! 

TrayLite® is the tightest and most efficient fibre tray solution for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Its 2-piece construction makes it possible to have a thicker cartonboard in the rim than in the tray and thereby optimises the material consumption and provides a sturdy flat rim for improved seal integrity.

The fibre-based trays for your demanding applications

With TrayLite´s® environmental responsible architecture and with a renewable cartonboard that provides stability it can ensure maximal product protection with minimal amount of plastics. Separate disposal of cartonboard, liner and top web makes the tray fully recyclable and an optimised recyclability for the consumers. We are proud to say that all materials are certified and circular renewable! Mono layer films and mono layer cartonboard combined with recycled and virgin board materials in one tray. Lower material usage than other MAP fibre trays thanks to different material thicknesses of tray and sealing rim results in less emissions. 

Designed for convenient usage and are easy to handle, heat* and eat from! Optimised product protection and shelf life with tightest seal integrity makes it reliable for the fresh food excellence market. Gas tight barrier liner and top web enabling maximum shelf-life to protect the packed goods and reduce food waste.

The possibility of a full surface print gives the tray outstanding opportunities for consumer communication and brand enhancement when using all state-of-the-art offset printing finishes.

To make it as easy for our customers as possible when transition from the existing plastic trays to TrayLite there is no need for invest in new machine line as it runs on standard industry tray sealing equipment and also has a highly efficient in-line converting.
It is very economic by slim, efficient, high-performance process with opportunity to print on each side (internal or external) in just one pass! You can also combine printed and unprinted cartonboard parts for cost saving and efficiency.

Both trays and top web are delivered from one supplier for optimised security, logistics and efficiency.

With the massive market which today includes around 50 billion plastic trays AR Packaging is ready to help our customers to transition to a more sustainable packaging which is exactly what we offer with our TrayLite solution. 

* Validation must be performed by the customer for each product

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