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Window boxes  – invitations to take a peek

If the product or the primary packaging are an impressive eye-catcher – why seal it in a closed folding box? Some products need to be reviewed in detail by the customers before making the decision to buy – for this reason, integrating a window into the folding box may be the right approach.

Products to be reviewed in detail

Window boxes can upgrade packaging since many box shapes, sizes, printing and finishing effects guarantee a compelling variety. As several types of film are available, window boxes also live up to the needs of the food industry.
To develop a packaging that offers a broad view on the product or is even displayed from different angles, we apply an advanced window pathcing technology. By integrating a clean crease, the window easily forms on the edges. This trick is beneficial for further processing and in the end for an excellent visual impact at the point of sale. 

Due to the many possible eye-catching refinements, they present amazing packaging solutions for:

Product card Digital print


Digital print

Individual, unique, traceable and sometimes simply astonishing

Product card Folding cartons


Folding cartons

Folding carton packaging to support brands & products in food, confectionery, tobacco, beauty and healthcare.

Product card Sloggi weekend: printed window


Sloggi weekend

Packaging upgrade through printed windows