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Annual sustainability reports

AR Packaging has one of the first in our sector to published a thorough annual sustainability report since 2007. Download our latest report to get a more detailed look into our sustainability programmes and to track our progress.

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The environment

From our award-winning product innovation to continuous improvements in our production methods, environmental optimisation is a central focus for AR Packaging’s business. Learn about the various ways we are working to help our customers achieve success through packaging, while leaving behind a better planet for future generations.

Our environmental work
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People & society

Our environmental initiatives are just the start. We believe that sustainability comes down to creating a better world for all people. At all of our locations, we have taken steps to put this commitment to social responsibility into practice.

Our social commitment
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A lot of businesses talk the talk about sustainability, but we take the steps to walk the walk. That is why AR Packaging actively participate in non-governmental organisations where the future role of packaging in society is developed. Memberships in a number of external organisations and auditing platforms that routinely make expert assessments provides proof of our progress.

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