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Leading on the environment

The global focus on sustainability has become the major trend driving change in today’s packaging industry. AR Packaging, part of Graphic Packaging International, has a long track record of leading on environmental efforts, and we were among the first companies in our industry to consistently and transparently track our progress in these matters. Our approach considers the entire supply chain, as we work with customers to develop more sustainable packaging solutions while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint of our operations.

Sustainable innovation

Environmental consciousness is at the forefront of innovation at our company, and we work closely with customers to develop new solutions that meet their requirements with an optimised ecological footprint. But it’s about more than just solving the challenges we face today. We believe that shaping a more sustainable future means identifying the issues that customers have yet to discover – and turning them into new opportunities.


Today we are proud to offer a wide range of innovative solutions that make full use of renewable and recycled materials, as well as optimised processes that result in thinner, tighter and lighter packaging with minimal waste. You can read more about our solutions and approach to sustainable innovation here.

Part of a circular economy

At AR Packaging, part of Graphic Packaging International, we recognize that our contribution to building a more circular economy goes far beyond the packaging products we produce. All of our plants, in collaboration with our central leadership, work actively to minimise energy consumption, reduce waste in their processes and increase the circularity in our production. These efforts are ongoing, as part of Group-wide, long-term targets. You can read about our progress here.