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AR Packaging confirms its commitment to flexible packaging designed for circular economy by being a CEFLEX stakeholder.


Being a leader in flexible barrier materials, AR Packaging has for many decades been at the
forefront of the development of more sustainable packaging solutions. The company was for
example one of the first to introduce alternatives to PVC and PVdC. The strive for environmentally
optimised solutions never stops and as part of this commitment AR Packaging is a
stakeholder of CEFLEX since 2019.


CEFLEX is a collaborative network of over 130 stakeholders across the value chain working
together to improve the recycling rates and recycling quality of flexible packaging. The goal
is to make all flexible packaging in Europe recyclable in established collection, sorting and
reprocessing infrastructure by 2025.


In June this year CEFLEX launched the first phase of recycling guidelines – Designing for a
Circular Economy Guidelines (D4ACE). These have been well received by the flexible value
chain with over 1,000 downloads from stakeholders and non-stakeholders of CEFLEX. It has
already had impact on large NGO:s such as the UK Plastic Pact and OPRL, who has informed
us that their own recycling guidelines have been, or will be in a near future, revised in accordance
with the CEFLEX views.


The flexibles industry has worked with resource efficiency since the start by making sure to
use as little material as possible while meeting the same barrier needs as for rigid packaging
and thus saving natural resources as well as minimising food loss and unnecessary waste. It
is our strong belief that the CEFLEX guidelines will have major impact for the future on flexible
packaging as they assure that the resource efficiency is kept and that materials can enter
a circular economy necessary for the future.


At AR Packaging we put all focus, intelligence and efforts to apply these guidelines on our
extensive product portfolio and thereby assure we supply the most efficient materials to our
customers – both today and for the future. Our own set goal to provide fully recyclable packaging
materials in all our segments by 2025 goes very well hand in hand with the CEFLEX


If you wish to read more about the CEFLEX D4ACE guidelines click here or contact us.