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Fitted to the product – individual design on a harmonized packaging 

Four packages for more than a hundred products – the new packaging for CEP Compression Sport socks is a successful example for Late Stage Customization. With its added functional features, the packaging is a true delight at the point of sale.

More than a simple packaging for more than simple socks 

Faced with a broad product range of Compression Sport Socks & Tights and the requirement to harmonize the existing packaging solutions in size and design to reduce the logistics effort, an innovative all-round solution has been created that meets CEP’s high quality standards: Four different packaging sizes are produced and finished in a master design, followed by the customization on demand through a label – as each product has its own specific information details. Regarding the impact at the POS and user friendliness all versions are evenly impressive: A high quality magnetic closure simplifies opening and gives the comprehensive view of the product through a wide open window. This functionality makes it easier to see, touch and even try on the product to support the sales conversation.  

Product card Boîtes avec fenêtre


Boîtes avec fenêtre

Des invitations à jeter un coup d’œil

Product card Carton pliant


Carton pliant

Une gamme durable qui s’adapte à un grand nombre de secteurs

Product card Impression numérique


Impression numérique

Individuelle, unique, identifiable et parfois tout simplement étonnante