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Cofibox Light - a Cekacan® solution

Exclusive packaging format

Fast Euro Cafés is a locally well-known brand in Spain and has won several coffee competitions on the basis of quality and aromas. In order to meet market demands, AR Packaging Systems (former A&R Carton) and Fast Euro Cafés agreed to jointly support a re-launch of a smaller and more exclusive packaging format for its Oquendo coffee, moving from 500gr to 250gr packages. After a quick update of the machine, which meant turning all packages into smaller formats and securing the new formats of the packages, the product is now on store shelves. The packs are composed by fully laminated UV print, produced and printed by our plants in Lund (AR Packaging Sweden and AR Packaging Flexibles). 

Specialised options and additions

Fast Euro Cafés uses AR Packaging Systems’ Cekacan® packaging solution as it enables full advantage of high-performance packaging technology and a combination of several specialised options and additions. This in turn, improves business and adds value of the packaging for our customers. 

Full system solution with Cekacan®

Cekacan® packaging solution entails a full system solution with both machine and components, allowing gas-tight packaging and many other benefits for our customers. Moreover, the Cekacan® line is a modular built system which normally consists of Can Maker, Can Sealer and Lid Applicator. The modular built system is optimised for high throughput, quick setup and easy adjustability – allowing three dimensional size changes within just four hours. 
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