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Mawu - extra functions as differentiation benefit

The need to keep certain standard sizes and the urge to still be different, was the driving force behind the Mawu packaging. The outcome was a folding carton box enriched with extra functionality to be provided after opening.

To differentiate itself from traditional tobacco packs, yet keeping the same dimensions for logistical purposes, the Mawu packaging was upgraded with extra functionality to be revealed after opening. The box is easily opened with a flap unfolding into a tray presenting its contents as well as the advertising messages printed on the inside. The tray then provides a comfortable way for rolling the cigarettes while avoiding littering. Due to the resealable flap it finally is also the ideal packaging to safely store and transport the cigarettes. Thus, no additional box, container or packaging is needed. As the product is a natural one, a pure carton board packaging was the only option for this project. Picking up nature also as an decorative element, the packaging was enriched with small hemp leaves printed in structural 3D UV varnish.
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