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My Von Erl - smart simplicity replacing ordinary foam insert

Finding a more sustainable replacement for the existing packaging, was the major project aim for My Von Erl. Ensuring inside stability without a foam or plastic insert and better expressing the brands’ positioning through packaging, was the key to success in this project.

The existing My Von Erl Starterpack packaging - using a foam insert and being produced in China, was neither supporting the brands’ positioning nor the desired perception of the product. So a push forward in terms of differentiation through packaging and sustainability, was needed. The result was a box with a book style opening offering customers a smooth unpacking experience. Due to the smart and integrated carton insert, the several components are kept in an orderly fashion and no item can be lost. To also ensure an easy opening, the slipcase is to be opened with a lid-flap using special technics to also make it a solid construction. Standing out thanks to the refined book style opening mechanism, the rest of boxes’ design is elegant but not too luxurious as the product is positioned as medium-priced. The straight print design was enriched with embossing, hotfoil stamping and a semi-matt varnish.

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