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New digital printed designs for Norrmejerier’s sliced cheese

In the northern parts of Sweden we find Norrmejerier which provides a range of dairy products including sliced cheese in a new convenient packaging. Norrmejerier has chosen AR Packaging Flexibles to supply these packaging and Michael Sjöberg, Sales Manager at AR Packaging Flexibles coordinated the project introducing AR Packaging’s materials and printing designs – resulting in a close cooperation between Norrmejerier and AR Packaging


Both digital printing and flexo printing were discussed with Olof Eriksson, Prepress Manager at AR Packaging Flexibles and then the decision was made by Norrmejerier to choose digital print together with double EB lacquers on all their designs.


The benefits of using digital printing are many, it is less time-consuming when producing short runs and doing smaller print-on-demand jobs and the EB lacquer provides a very good adhesion and resistance in demanding conditions. It also eliminates the expense of plate-making which enables easier and less expensive last minute changes to a print job and the possibility to print multiple variations.


The packaging is made of the HiLite base web and a matching resealable lidding film from AR Packaging Flexibles. The thermoformable base web provides high clarity for excellent product presentation and a higher barrier is provided for the cheese types with higher demands. Together with the easy-opening and reclosability features of the lidding film it provides excellent consumer convenience.


Based on well proven materials, focus were on the print and the designs for the new sliced cheeses. We all know what it looks like in the supermarkets and how important it is to stand out and attract consumers in the crowded display cases.


Helena Rehnström, Prepress Manager at AR Packaging Digital is very pleased with the cooperation and the good results: "The colours of the design are extra important for our customers and we at AR Packaging Digital decided to invest time and material to run a proof prints in the press and thereby ensure the high-quality print our customers expects from us. Together, we review the colours of the print and can make quick adjustments to ultimately provide a perfect end result for the customer. Through our fast working process where we can adjust one design while printing another, we can guarantee fast lead times and make the process more efficient."


Peter Forsman at R&D Norrmejerier adds up; "The quality and result of the digital print is really good and the packaging clearly meet our needs and we appreciated the focus  had on environment and sustainability. There were some initial challenges but these were solved quickly and we look forward to work with AR Packaging."

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