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Sloggi weekend – standardised meets customised

How to turn a standard box into something special when luxurious finishing effects or fancy shapes do not fit the brand identity? Differentiation is a must, but so is keeping certain standards for packing and logistics. Balancing standardisation and customisation led to a combination of technologies.

Making more out of it

As the sloggi brand represents comfortable, every day wearable undergarments for good quality and price, lavish finish effects or eccentric box shares were not an option. The first was not supporting the brand, the second not the requirements for packing and logistics. However, our customer was facing the challenge of setting his product apart from competitors, while not driving costs too high. 
The solution was to stick to a standardised offset printed window box, which is typical for this segment. When sold in boxes, consumers definitely want to get a good look at the product they are wearing directly on their skin. At least if not touching it, seeing helps to judge the quality to some extent. Since the window was a given, the idea to use it as differentiating design element was born. Printed digitally, the window foil stated a message matching the product’s advertising campaign. The foil was then patched on a gluing line with inline window application.

Opening many creative possibilities, printed windows can be used for easy customisation of folding cartons for:

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