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Advent calendar wins Promotional Gift Award 2017

Thanks to the great knowledge of its customers’ needs, vast experience in the packaging field and innovative ideas, AR Packaging (former A&R Carton) has developed several unique and innovative confectionery solutions for Christmas calendars. Five versatile concepts have been created to suit customers’ large variety of needs; Theatre, Rocking Horse, Angel as well as customer specific concepts for primary packed goods and Lauenstein. Much to our pride, the elegant advent calendar created for the German brand Lauenstein, using attractive city motifs won the Promotional Gift Award 2017 in the category Premium Products & Brand Articles.

As the majority of companies using these types of exclusive packaging usually have finished packaging and constructions that vary from standard to special designs, tools for these are generally expensive and often used for two to four seasons only. New tools are therefore required to quickly respond to the market’s needs. AR Packaging’s uniquely developed concepts include constructions for semi-automatic filling, manual filling or both.

The Christmas calendar created for primary packed goods such as chocolate bars holds a more sustainable solution where no extra plastic inlay is needed. Moreover, it is used with standard gluing equipment and manual filling.

For the Theatre calendar, fast assembly of the complete pack is possible as it uses already existing plastic inlays. Shape and contour can be adapted to already existing plastic inlays, all using manual erecting and filling.

The brand Lauenstein is synonymous with the highest level of skilfully manufactured truffles and chocolate. Using the purest raw materials, knowledge and traditional recipes, Lauenstein is committed to creating chocolate made from passion, delicate handiwork and unique art. The calendar can be with different print images on the simple square inlays and different silhouette cuts on the back of the calendar to change the look each year.

Innovative calendar solutions are just one example of how AR Packaging can offer tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs! 

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