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Presentation of the first Boardio® launch outside of Europe at PAC Disruptors Summit!

Our latest system innovation Boardio® is on its way to breaking new ground and you will find our sustainable Boardio® filled with great coffee on the shelves in Canada later this year. After successful launches in Europe, it’s now time for North America to finally explore our sustainable, paper-based coffee packaging with an eye-catching design and shape. A revolutionary paperboard container that is set to reduce plastics and replace stand-up pouches on grocery store shelves. It delivers what consumers have been asking for – a recyclable and renewable plant-based package that isn’t plastic!

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Together with our costumer Club Coffee we will present the possibilities of the Boardio® system on June 2nd at the PAC Disruptors Summit, which is a virtual event which addresses packaging design, recycling opportunities and challenges facing the packaging industry today.

Club Coffee and AR Packaging join forces to bring you this tale of evolution that takes one of the most demanding packaged foods to a whole new environmental benchmark, thanks to sustainably sourced tree fibre – the oldest, most abundant and most recycled material on the planet. More than just another new packaging concept, this innovation improves convenience and branding, while cutting greenhouse gases and providing an alternative to the millions of tons of plastic waste that continue to flow into landfills and our environment.

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Protection for green brands

Boardio® is our latest system innovation with high environmental benefits. It is a carton-based, cost-effective packaging solution with tailored low to high barrier protection.

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