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Curodont Repair Fluoride – Excellent convenience packaging for tooth-treatment

The value of high-quality packaging in the pharmaceutical sector is characterized by the fact that it supports the application of the product in the best possible way. For the product Curodont Repair Fluoride of the customer Credentis, a fibre-based packaging was developed that enables easy application of the dental care treatment. 

Practical Beauty

The contents of the pack are applicators for the regenerative treatment of initial tooth defects – without drills and plastics. The pack has been designed to package these elements innovatively and allow them to be removed easily. The hexagonal construction gives this packaging an eye-catching shape and, viewed from above, resembles a tooth.

The flap enables simplified filling of the applicators and also easy removal. The double-sided wall serves to stabilise the elaborately designed pack. The sleeves, made entirely from cartonboard, were chosen for easier handling and are printed on the inside eliminating the need for additional leaflets.

To increase convenience, the pack was designed so that the dentist can simply remove the applicator from above. For stability of the pack on the table after opening, “feet” were punched out.

"This is a fascinating hexagonal pack for dental products that holds each of the different elements for dental treatment securely internally, while the individual panels of the carton lock into each other to form a strong, distinctive and robust pack."

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European Carton Excellence Award 2019

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