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A unique look with digital print, EB lacquer and variable data

With three years left to its 90th anniversary in year 2020, Diplom-Is has delivered ice cream to Scandinavia with the intention of giving the best ice cream experience to its customers - small and large, old and young. As a subsidiary to Tine SA, Diplom-Is is market leader in Norway and the largest ice cream manufacturer in Scandinavia. Diplom-Is and AR Packaging Flexibles (former Flextrus) have had a long and stable partnership that was recently taken to a higher level through AR Packaging Digital´s (former Mediaköket) expertise in digital printing and EB lacquer along with distinctive variable data for Diplom-Is sandwiches.

The Diplom-Is sandwich packaging has a unique look with digital print and EB lacquer, which is ideal for this material with aluminium foil. AR Packaging Flexibles, who specialises in barrier materials, manufactures the laminates with all properties required. The combination with AR Packaging Digital´s capabilities in the new wide web digital press and lacquering machine, unique in Europe, and the use of variable data makes Diplom-Is’ ice cream a true eye-catcher in the freezer.

We are looking forward to continue our cooperation and together developing new exciting ideas for the future.

Elisabet Sæterdal

Product Manager, Diplom-Is

Product manager Elisabet Sæterdal at Diplom-Is is happy with AR Packaging Flexibles and AR Packaging Digital (former Mediaköket), as a supplier:

- “If it wasn’t for your expertise in digital printing we would never think of the great idea “Talking Sandwich” as our summer campaign for 2017, which became a great success. We are looking forward to continue our cooperation and together developing new exciting ideas for the future.”

A collaboration that has lasted for about nine years has usually some challenges over the years, but with close collaboration between customers and manufacturers solving problem is easier. The Diplom-Is ice cream has a very demanding packaging material including aluminium, with a composition unique for Diplom-Is, and the digital print and EB lacquer provides a very good adhesion and resistance in demanding conditions. Hence an optimal combination for this packaging.

- Having a proactive customer who is modern in their mindset and who wants to do changes and stand out makes my job very fun and exciting, says Mikael Knutsson, Sales Manager Nordic at AR Packaging Flexibles.

The result of the digital test print not only presented the possibility of variable data, the result of the digital print was so good that the packaging was taken to a higher level. These two components fulfil the requirement of making the packaging more personal to the end consumer and a print that doesn’t look like anything else.

- Diplom-Is sees the packaging and its material as a main and important part of their marketing and puts a lot of resources and strategic thinking into it in order to get the best end result. And with the right tools and knowledge of AR Packaging Digital's production, we make sure that the end result is the best for our customer, says Mikael Knutsson.

The future looks bright for both parties and the collaboration offers many opportunities. One of the many advantages of digital printing is that smaller series can easily be printed at AR Packaging Digital, which makes it ideal for seasonal demands as well.

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