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Fitted to the product – individual design on a harmonized packaging 

Four packages for more than a hundred products – the new packaging for CEP Compression Sport socks is a successful example for Late Stage Customization. With its added functional features, the packaging is a true delight at the point of sale.

More than a simple packaging for more than simple socks 

Faced with a broad product range of Compression Sport Socks & Tights and the requirement to harmonize the existing packaging solutions in size and design to reduce the logistics effort, an innovative all-round solution has been created that meets CEP’s high quality standards: Four different packaging sizes are produced and finished in a master design, followed by the customization on demand through a label – as each product has its own specific information details. Regarding the impact at the POS and user friendliness all versions are evenly impressive: A high quality magnetic closure simplifies opening and gives the comprehensive view of the product through a wide open window. This functionality makes it easier to see, touch and even try on the product to support the sales conversation.  

Product card Коробки с окошком


Коробки с окошком

побуждают заглянуть внутрь

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Product card Складные коробки


Складные коробки

многообразие для различных отраслей промышленности

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Product card Цифровая печать


Цифровая печать

индивидуальная, уникальная, c возможностью отслеживания, а иногда просто поражающая сознание

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