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femSense - having the clutch touch

As packaging is also needed for rather sensitive or niche products, structural design has to live up to very specific demands. For femSense the main challenge was to hold the delicate product in place, protecting it and ensuring an easy reach without any support of plastic inlays.

Fertility tracking is a sensitive topic, so related products require a feminine and discreet packaging. Additionally our customer wanted a packaging solution without the use of any plastic components. Thus the idea behind the femSense packaging was the creation of an unintrusive yet practical folding box. A special inlay lifts and tilts the patches towards the user when opening the lid. This ensures an easy reach and keeps the sensitive patches in good condition. Unwanted folding or crippling when opening or closing the box, is avoided. It also guarantees stability for the remaining patches, once single patches have been taken out. Matching the private nature of the product, the tender print is refined by a subtle embossing.


The smart internal construction with its lift and tilt approach, also holds potential for packaging solutions in the personal care and non-food consumer goods industry.

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