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Findus chooses AR Packaging Flexibles´  HD flexo

High quality print, speed of response and the right total cost are important factors when changing supplier and print technology.

Findus is market leader within frozen foods and invest in high quality packaging looks. Therefore, they have found flexo print not to be able to compete with rotogravure – until now! AR Packaging Flexibles (former Flextrus) has as a new supplier, proven that HD flexo can provide excellent print with short lead times and improved flexibility. The HD flexo technology enables sharper pictures, smoother gradients and a larger colour gamut than former half tone flexo.

- We were surprised to see that the print quality with HD flexo was that good. It is an extensive amount of work to transfer all of our designs to flexo, and we take the opportunity to do design adjustments at the same time. We are very pleased with AR Packaging Flexibles so far, says Maria Larsson, Packaging Design Coordinator at Findus Nordic.

HD flexo from AR Packaging Flexibles means that the process lead time from new design idea through to ready packed product can be cut substantially. With our proactive prepress team involved from the beginning in a design project we ensure that our customers get an optimised print in a cost-efficient manner. Also, you can decide what designs to be printed closer the actual delivery time of the packaging material and thereby have greater flexibility in adjusting to changing market needs. This enables reduced stock holding and lowered total cost. Findus’ frozen products packed in material from AR Packaging Flexibles are now on their way into the stores. 

Product card Гибкая упаковка


Гибкая упаковка

взгляд в будущее

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Product card Цифровая печать


Цифровая печать

индивидуальная, уникальная, c возможностью отслеживания, а иногда просто поражающая сознание

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Product card Тактильные эффекты


Тактильные эффекты

с применением тиснения и лака на масляной основе

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