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Luxurious packaging for e-cigarettes wins ProCarton ECMA Award

The success story

As many good stories, this one also started by chance. The first contact with Von Erl was made at a tobacco event in Vienna late 2015. After Von Erl realised that we could be the partner the company needed to push forward in terms of both differentiation through packaging and sustainability, things speeded up pretty fast. From the very beginning our structural designers were part of the project team aiming at the replacement of the existing packaging. During the whole development process our designers along with our sales manager and Von Erl's project manager were collaborating closely, completing the whole project - from the initial idea phase to the actual market launch in only two months’ time.

After being briefed by the customer, our structural designers had a finished concept and a first mock-up within just two weeks, presenting a premium looking packaging with an extra touch. But most importantly, they developed a more sustainable packaging using carton material only. A packaging that could easily replace the existing one using a foam insert and being produced in China.

In order to create a packaging that is able to stand out, the folding box is elegant but not too luxurious as the product is positioned as medium-priced but surprises with a refined book style opening mechanism. The smart insert - an integrated extension system keeping several components in place - offers customers a smooth unpacking experience. 

Winner of the Pro Carton ECMA Award 2016

With this elegant packaging including several innovative features, AR Packaging Graz (former A&R Carton) won the Pro Carton ECMA award for the second year in a row. The award is one of Europe’s most prestigious packaging award for outstanding carton packaging.

The luxurious packaging for electronic cigarettes, produced by AR Packaging in Graz, offers a sophisticated product experience. The packaging has an ultra-modern look including pockets for additional items such as liquid pod and a rechargeable battery. The elegant, premium design of the packaging highlights the modern simplicity and the high technological quality of the product. The Pro Carton ECMA jury states: “from the front face the carton looks like a refined, premium pack with lovely embossing, hot foil and varnishes. It is not until you open it that the My von Erl pack really creates that ‘wow’ moment. Without the use of any other material other than cartonboard, the pack holds together – and presents beautifully – all of the elements and extras needed for this eCigarette product. The board engineering is truly impressive.” 

Product card Металлизированные эффекты


Металлизированные эффекты

блестящая точность выбора

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Product card Складные коробки


Складные коробки

многообразие для различных отраслей промышленности

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Product card Комплексная склейка


Комплексная склейка

склейка с максимальной эффективностью и универсальностью превращает заготовку в коробку

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