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Skånemejerier first on the market with AR Packaging Flexibles´  reclosable concept

New sustainable packaging solution easy to use for consumers.

Skånemejerier in Sweden call themselves "the small inventive dairy that wants to contribute to the health and quality of life". Allerum is one of their high-quality hard cheeses, which is also available ready-sliced and packed in a user friendly and environmentally sound packaging. AR Packaging Flexibles (former Flextrus) supplies both the base web HiLite mono and the printed lidding film EcoLite® Reseal, which together make a complete mono PET-concept. To consumers the pack is easy to open and can be reclosed. Its PET-based lidding is stiffer and flatter so that the lid falls perfectly in place when you want to reclose the pack. The mono PET-solution enables lowered use of materials and energy and consists of a large proportion of recycled polymer resulting in a more sustainable alternative.

- The new packaging solution is easy to use for our customers and is in line with our ambitions to reduce the amount of packaging and choose materials with as little impact on the environment as possible at the same time as it protects our cheese in an optimal way, says Jannica Andersson, Brand Manager Cheese at Skånemejerier.

Sales of Allerum cheese in the recently launched pack is running very well. 

Product card Гибкая упаковка


Гибкая упаковка

взгляд в будущее

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Product card Повторное закрывание


Повторное закрывание

удобство и сокращение отходов

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Монопластиковые пленки

еще один шаг к экономике замкнутого цикла

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