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About Boardio® - The sustainable fibre-based can

What is Boardio® made of?

Boardio® is largely virgin (not recycled) fiber cartonboard, with very thin layers of polyethylene and aluminum to ensure an essential oxygen and moisture barrier.


Why are the thin plastic and aluminum layers needed?

These razor thin layers create a powerful gas-tight barrier that prevents oxygen and water vapor from entering the package. It keeps food fresh for a longer time, which means higher quality, improved food safety, less waste and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


Where and how can I recycle my Boardio®?

Boardio® is designed for easy recycling in typical paper/cartonboard waste diversion programs. The membrane usually goes into the general waste stream. Check with your local recycler if you have questions.


Has Boardio® been tested and certified for repulpability and recyclability?

Yes. In North America the Western Michigan University (WMU) has performed tests confirming a high level of repulpability and a more than 80% fiber yield. In Europe we have tested and certified it using the German lab Interseroh.


What happens to the thin plastic and aluminum layers in the recycling process?

These layers represent an small share of the total weight of the entire package. They get separated out in a recycling mill and may go into the waste stream, including for waste-to-energy uses.


What does it mean that the fiber content in Boardio® is renewable and comes from sustainably managed forests?

The fiber used in Boardio® comes from forests that are certified to meet standards for environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management.



What does “flat transports” mean?

Much of the space in a truck carrying empty traditional cans to a food company is just the air inside and around those cans. In comparison, Boardio® is delivered as flat sheets. This means every truck trip carries a lot more packaging material and a lot less air. That cuts both cost and CO2 /greenhouse gas emissions.


What happens to the Boardio® fiber once it is recycled?

It can be used in making products such as toilet paper, newspapers, paper boxes and more.


How can the CO2 /greenhouse gas emissions be so low for Boardio®?

Fiber is generally very CO2 /greenhouse gas efficient, as the process of turning trees into packaging requires a lot less energy than, for example, mining ores and turning them into metal packaging. Boardio® is also very light and transport efficient since Boardio® deliveries to food companies are “flat”. The high recycling rates for cartonboard packaging in general improves the greenhouse gas emissions profile further. As an added bonus, the powerful yet razor thin Boardio® aluminum barrier reduces food waste (through longer shelf-life), which again reduces overall emissions. Also, the capacity of forests to absorb CO2 is protected through responsible forest management.


Are the Boardio® fibers bleached?

For the North American market we only use bleached fibers. The North American tissue industry is a major user of recycled fiber and it prefers bleached fibers. By using elemental chlorine free (ECF) or total chlorine free (TCF) methods to bleach our fibers we can both support recycling and reduce environmental impacts. For the European market we can supply with both bleached and unbleached fibres.


What does food security mean?

Food is one of the basic and absolute necessities of life. High quality barrier packaging extends food product shelf-life and cuts food waste significantly, no matter how long the journey from farm to fork.

Boardio® - The sustainable choice

The Game Changer for a New Era of sustainability! Boardio® is highly sustainable & recyclable with very low CO2/GHG impact. 

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Boardio® - Protection for green brands

Boardio® is our latest system innovation with high environmental benefits. It is a carton-based, cost-effective packaging solution with tailored low to high barrier protection.

There are several benefits to choosing the Boardio system for your products.

About Boardio