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Pandora Box

The Pandora box is a one-piece, childproof packaging for nicotine chewing gums with barrier function. Carton board was the preferred material as it met the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and supported the customer’s wish for more appeal and sustainability

Dried foods - drinks - coffee and tea

Custom food packaging for dried foods, drinks, coffe and tea ensures highest level of product safety. Biodegradable food packaging needs to raise shelf-appeal without cutting back on product safety and quality or driving costs.

Folding Carton






Personal care

Personal care packaging is all about consumer focus. These products for e.g. shavecare or dentalcare are important pieces of peoples daily lives.


Pharmaceutical packaging boxes are relevant for pharma products and are tailormade to ensure safety and quality.

AR Packaging fibre-based barrier tray






Flexible materials


About Boardio

Sustainable fibre-based can designed for recyclability with high content of renewable cartonboard with tailored low to high barrier protection. Read for more information

Boardio Sustainability

Sustainable fibre-based can designed for recyclability with high content of renewable cartonboard with tailored low to high barrier protection. Read for more information

Holographic effects

Holographic packaging design captures the products unique character and wins all the attention at the point of sale while being printed with respect to nature and efficiency.


Tobacco packaging conveys quality, free spirit and innovation despite the increasing restrictions on packaging. We understand the increasingly important role packaging for tobacco products plays in helping brands connect with consumers.



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Cold foil

Finely detailed metallic effects and excellent image quality perfectly match the need for stunning finishing effects for premium packaging. As it is also a fast and cost-effective inline process, it guarantees efficiency for luxurious looking packaging.



Galaxy - printed metal


Ausbildung Maschinenfuehrer Frankfurt

Anlagen- und Maschinenführer-/in sind für die gesamte Abwicklung der Aufträge an einer Maschine oder Anlage verantwortlich. Das heißt, Sie übernehmen die Einrichtung, Umrüstung, Bedienung, Wartung und Pflege sowie auch die Reparatur der Druck- und Weiterverarbeitungsmaschinen.

Lehrstelle Industriekaufleute Graz

Der Aufgabenbereich von Industriekaufleuten ist sehr vielseitig, da sie für verschiedene kaufmännische Aufgaben in Industriebetrieben zuständig sind

Dry molded fibre



AR Packaging's plant in Krakow, Poland


AR Packaging's plant in Istra, Croatia






AR Packaging's plant in Bawen, Indonesia


AR Packaging's plant in Lund, Sweden



AR Packaging strengthens its operational footprint in Switzerland


Acquisition of rlc packaging group and Nampak Cartons Nigeria is completed








Green place


JS Holding




Thermoformable base webs

AR Packaging offers a full range of thermoformable base webs based on APET, polyamide or paper. They provide excellent product protection with tailored barrier properties as well as consumer convenience and shelf appeal making them ideal for a wide range of food, healthcare as well as home and...

Fresh and chilled food

Custom food packaging for fresh and chilled food provides an image of high freshness, healthy content, superior quality and differentiates through convenience.

Medical devices




Food Service

Food service packaging is designed for the customers convenience whether it is about take away containers, beverage cups and lids or home delivery snack boxes.

Frozen food

Frozen food packaging has to withstand extreme conditions in freezing temperatures while still offering convenience of opening and sealing and a delicious visual appeal of the frozen meals.







Alu trays


Pressed board trays


Fibre trays for herbs






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The need to keep certain standard sizes and the urge to still be different, was the driving force behind the Mawu packaging. The outcome was a folding carton box enriched with extra functionality to be provided after opening.

AR Packaging wins German Packaging Award 2020 in the sustainability category

AR Packaging wins German Packaging Award 2020 in the sustainability category

Sustainability report 2019

Sustainability report 2019. We at AR Packaging now find ourselves at the end of a five-year period concerning our sustainability targets.

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To ensure the correct intake of a pharmaceutical product and to inform about side effects, every medicine is delivered with mandatory patient information. AR Packaging offers solutions that comply with latest regulatory requirements and guarantee high line efficiency.

Home delivery solutions meet boosting market demands


AR Packaging at virtual compamed


We consolidate the European healthcare and beauty packaging market through acquisitions


AR Packaging acquires pharma specialist Kroha


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New barrier solution from AR Packaging helps Bel



AR Packaging's plant in Poznan, Poland


AR Packaging's plant in St. Petersburg, Russia





Ausbildung Packmitteltechnologe Frankfurt

PackmitteltechnologInnen gestalten und stellen Verpackungsmaterialien aller Art her. Zusätzlich sind sie auch für die Pflege und Wartung der Produktionsmaschinen sowie für die Fehlerbehebung verantwortlich.

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Child resistant packaging

Our intuitive child-resistant packaging solutions are designed to enable opening in a sophisticated way , while making it safe from access by children.

Fibre cutlery

With the increasing need for replacement of plastic-free cutlery we have teamed up with the food service distributor Bionatic to launch a fibre-based cutlery range that offer a series of spoons, knives and forks.

AR Packaging strengthens its position in the UK by acquiring Firstan Holdings Ltd

AR Packaging broadens its offering to the UK food and healthcare customers by adding local folding carton production through the acquisition of Firstan Holdings Ltd

Glued trays










Sustainability reports


Seasonal calendars

We create individual seasonal calendar packaging that optimally support your product and fit your marketing concept and make it stand out at the point of sale.

Lidding films


Renewable plastics films

Renewable Plastics - Towards a fossil free future. Plastics is an important part of packaging for sensitive products in order to keep them safe and fresh.

Barrier papers


Metal effects





To increase consumer safety and combat counterfeiters, the technology using artificial intelligence (AI) makes it easy to check that the product is authentic.

Digital print

AR Packaging provides different digital print technologies. From full reel to reel digital print on our HP 20.000, to late-stage coding or serialisation on sheets or even directly on the carton blanks.


PaperLite® is a paper-based packaging material that puts a pack with the attractive look and feel of paper in the hands of consumers.

Mono plastic films

Flexible plastic packaging materials are built up by many layers ensuring minimal use of raw material, saving resources and increasing efficiency in packaging lines.


NFC (near-field communication) technology in packaging enables brands and retailers to offer an interactive customer experience.

Augmented reality

Brand loyalty and product engagement is a crucial part of marketing success. Augmented reality presents products and packaging in a thrilling and informative way, thus helping building trust and engagement.