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Systems  – Concepts for success 

With our customers’ needs and demands in mind, we continuously develop new ways of achieving efficiency and productivity within our field of expertise. AR Packaging offers complete innovative machine systems and concepts which provide a unique packaging solution to match your specific needs and wishes for brand differentiation. 

There are several benefits to choosing our system solutions for your products. As the packaging is made from carton-based material instead of plastics or metal and is delivered flat to the customer, the product is environmentally sound and minimises transportation and storage space and costs.  

Both packaging and machinery of our systems are developed by AR Packaging. They are part of a total solution from an experienced supplier with system knowledge and continuous R&D. We take full responsibility through conceptualisation, installation, verifications on site as well as service support over time. 
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Boardio® - Protection for green brands 

Boardio® is our latest system innovation with high environmental benefits. It is a carton-based, cost-effective packaging solution with tailored low to high barrier protection. Designed for recyclability with a very high content of renewable cartonboard, it enables strong positioning for green brands. Creative shapes and many convenient features makes it the ideal solution for a wide range of products, such as dry mixes, coffee, snacks, confectionery and more.  

Environmentally sound and cost-efficient 

There are several benefits to choosing the Boardio system for your products. Flat delivery and an optimal use of material makes Boardio both environmentally sound and cost-efficient. Compared to plastics and metal containers such as tin cans, which are delivered empty, the Boardio packaging reduces incoming goods with up to 95% simply by being delivered flat. Hence, not only the CO2 emissions and costs from transport by truck but also all the related handling and storage costs are reduced correspondingly. A fully utilized line, producing 40 million packs annually, can easily save the environment 500 tons of CO2 and save the producer several hundreds of work hours.           


Sealio® - Protection for your brands 

Sealio® is a patented gas-tight, direct fill carton-based packaging system that protects your sensitive products. Especially suitable for products such as infant milk formula and other sensitive powders, the eye-catching Sealio® supports your brand positioning while maximising consumer convenience with single-hand opening, a scraper bar and an integrated scoop holder.  

The advanced sealing technology and state-of-the-art packaging machinery has been specifically developed to provide the best possible product protection and prevent counterfeiting, with added uniqueness and logistical benefits. 


Cekacan® - Convenience for longer 

Cekacan® lets you take advantage of proven high-performance packaging technology in a carton-based and easy-to-use solution. Good product protection combined with high renewable material content allows you to meet your sustainable packaging needs. Promotional opportunities, convenience and differentiating shapes also boost your brand and improve your business.  

The Cekacan is a great solution for nutrition, mueslis, cereals, powders and flakes to prevent infestation problems, which are common to those kinds of products. Customers have also chosen the Cekacan systems for sugar, coffee and cacao products. The possibilities are numerous. 

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