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Graphic Packaging launches first pressed board tray concept for MAP

Graphic Packaging (former AR Packaging) is first on the market to present a gas tight pressed board tray packaging for chilled foods as a replacement of plastic trays. The Group’s combined expertise in barrier materials and pressed board tray production has enabled an efficient solution well suited for giving a shelf life of at least 18 days.


The increasing demand for sustainable packaging has led to an intensive search for a gas tight carton based trays. The solution now launched is based on well proven technologies and materials from GPI Tibro and GPI Flexibles, both plants situated in Sweden.


“We have invested lots of effort to develop this new revolutionary packaging solution. The shape of the tray is optimised to ensure  tight packs which gives a shelf life of at least 18 days,” says Åke Larsson, MD at GPI Tibro. “We thereby meet the needs for a wide range of chilled food products, such as fresh meat and chicken, processed meat, cheese and ready meals etc.”


The board trays are supplied together with a matching lidding material which provides a safe seal and a barrier adapted to the packed product’s needs.


The new gas tight board tray concept from GPI is not only a more sustainable alternative to plastic trays with high proportion of renewable materials. It also supports product branding thanks to its attractive look and feel of paper. The cost efficient solution is the first pressed board tray packaging on the market and tests are already ongoing with several major chilled food producers in Europe.


For further information please contact:
Åke Larsson, MD at GPI Tibro, phone +46 70 313 20 13, ake.larsson@graphicpkg.com
Ingrid Lidbäck, Group Marketing Manager at Graphic Packaging, ingrid.lidback@graphicpkg.com

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