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White Now – a clear view on premium

Oral and beauty care products on the market today need something special to set them apart. To identify the dental care line "White Now" as a premium product at the POS, a hybrid concept was developed that combines high-quality virgin fiber-based board and large PET windows and offers a perfect view of the product. 

With the aim to put focus on the toothpaste tube and ensure maximum brand recognition, visibility was one great objective. The development resulted in a cardboard solution with high-quality finishing and a large PET window over two edges. Special micro perforations in the window replace conventional creasing and enable the new format to be packed as efficiently as its predecessor. The arched window contour of the new design echoes the design of the toothpaste tube inside and showcase the tube to full effect. Along with the combination of window and cardboard, it is above all the finishing technology that sets the packaging apart: Cold foil finish, lasergloss and blind embossing together with the graphics create a new overall look and perfectly capture the essence of the brand.

The folding box was designed for a streamlined packing process and the choice of materials made it more sustainable than its predecessor. The holistic concept was nominated as a finalist for the Pro Carton ECMA Award in the category “Volume Market”. 
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What now?

The initial packaging relaunch was a few years ago and the brand is well established with this packaging design by now. Still, developement always continues. Creative artwork, highend finishing and the sharp window have been further improved to fit today's requirements. 
Product card Avancerad limning


Avancerad limning

Högsta effektivitet och mångsidig limning förvandlar ark till förpackningar

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Tryckta fönster

Fönsterförpackningar väcker uppmärksamhet och ger konsumenterna en första titt på produkten

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Fint detaljerade metalleffekter och utmärkt bildkvalitet i perfekt harmoni