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Printallic® – Sustainable metallic effects

It’s that brilliance on packaging that often supports true premiumisation to come alive. Sophisticated brands – from consumer to luxury – choose metallic designs to create the desired visual eye-catcher and highlight their individual image. High quality and precise metallic finishing effects aim to spark differentiation and uniqueness.


With sustainability in mind we put a strong focus on metallic effects that are created without plastics. We have collected recyclable alternatives to the metallic effect that is most commonly applied and uses PET metallised carton board. The new Printallic® collection is the outcome of our broad technological competences, manufacturing skills and team spirit in our expert production sites. It covers a broad approach:  

What is the best solution?

Individual requirements are key to choosing the best printed metallic effect. When it comes to the desired packaging design, there are various possibilities – stretching from glossy to matt and from strong to soft metallic looks. Looking at the environmental performance, we focus on plastic reduction in the complete process, recyclability, CO2 emissions and more.


Taking all of this into consideration it is our joint effort to narrow it down to the ideal metallic solution that boosts your brand.

Catch the spark?

Metallic packaging design enhances and intensifies the impression of a premium packaging. Let's start to find the one that fits best to your brand identity and meets your sustainability goals.

Product card Kallfoliering



Fint detaljerade metalleffekter och utmärkt bildkvalitet i perfekt harmoni

Product card Galaxy (tryckt metall)


Galaxy (tryckt metall)

En unik teknik som används för att återge de metalliska effekterna av kallfoliering, varmfoliering eller metalliserat PET i en miljöoptimerad tryckprocess

Product card Varmfoliering



Glänsande detaljer för premiumisering